Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013 In Knit View

I can't believe I finished 15 projects in 2013, time to pat self on the back. Usually I would lay them all on the floor for a group picture, but this year most of the items are either not for myself or have been gifted, so a nice photo collage would do.

The project details and links on Ravelry:

1. Grand Teton Shawl, knitted for Green Planet Yarn, finished January 6.
2. Emma's Lady E Sweater, finished January 14
3. Shark Hat for my friend Jenna, finished January 22

4. Indigo, shop model for Green Planet Yarn, finished February 16
5. Stripes and Braids, gifted to Andrea, finished February 24
6. Ten Stitch Scarf, finished February 26

7. Ola My Man, hat for my husband and modeled by my son, finished March 8
8. Nightsongs, finished April 14
9. Ginkgo Crescent, finished May 2

10. Liesl, shop model for Green Planet Yarn, finished May 22
11. Snow White in June, shop model for Green Planet Yarn, finished August 3
12. Burly Spun Hat, shop model for Green Planet Yarn, finished August 6

13. Green Planet Scarf 1, gifted, finished in October
14. Stripe One, gifted to Kathryn, finished in November
15. Firelight, finished December 8

It's been a great year knitting with you my friends, hope you are enjoying the holidays with your loved ones and maybe some extra knitting time. Now join the party on Andrea 's blog and Tami's blog, watch 'em needles aclickin'!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Firelight Finale

Last week's scarf is going to Kathryn who blogs at Kathryn's Brain. I hope it will keep Kathryn nice and warm while she tends to the alpacas in the snow.

Project:  Firelight 火光
Pattern Firelight, by Agnes Kutas-Kereztes, Knitty Winter 2011
Yarn:  Peruvian Wonders Fine Alpaca, 80% alpaca, 20% wool, from Peru
Yardage:  about 1092 yards in stash, used almost all
Needles: Size 3 & 6
Cast onAugust 7, 2013
Cast off: December 8, 2013
Cost: About $30
Previous entries: here and here
Notes: The first picture is closer to the true color. I had such a strong desire to use up all or at least most of the yarn, I decided there will be sleeves (the pattern is for a vest). Lesson learned, it takes a long time to knit a cable sweater in sport weight yarn, and it takes even longer if you don't have a pattern to follow. The sleeves ended up different sizes because I forgot to change to larger needle on the first one. I decided my right arm will be happier with a larger sleeve. Maybe some later day I will redo the sleeves but for now I declare the sweater is done.

Happy Friday! Join the party on Andrea's blogTami's blog, and leave me a comment!

Friday, December 06, 2013

Giveaway: Stripe One

I'm giving away this scarf! It's one of those projects that I keep in the car and knit on it at random times, so there is no specific design or anything, just two yarns in garter stitch, two rows of each color. The yarns are mostly wool or wool blend, the gray fuzz is a mohair blend.

Leave a comment if you want to be part of the drawing. Entry closes at noon next Thursday, December 12, PST.

Happy Friday! Do check out Andrea's blog and Tami's blog for other fantastic fiber adventures.