Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Little crab up on a tree

We got two hermit crabs for Henry a few months ago. They are hermits, so they hide. We hardly ever see them move around most days.

Then occasionally this little guy would climb up to the tallest spot in the tank. And he's trying very hard to hide the rest of him from the camera.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Stripe up the Band, Almost Finished

Previous mentions of this sweater are here and here.

I'm pretty much on gauge, but somehow the body came out a tad tight while the sleeves are quite roomy. Most of the sweater is knitted by switching two yarns every other row, one strand of Ellen's Half Pint variegated merino wool in shades of green, blue and purple, the other strand is custom dyed lavender from Ellen. I'm thinking of adding some ribbing as button hole bands, in a good shade of green or blue to match the variegated yarn.

Shopped the stash, no good match. Will I have to BUY yarn to finish this sweater? My goodness, that'd be a first for me.

Here is Trinket surveying his backyard.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Speaking of hats

We are having a theme week at my work. Today is fun T-shirt and flip flops, tomorrow is hats day, then there is red, white and blue, Hawaiian day, etc.

Reminds me of a Henry and Bucky joke in our family. Bucky is a big barker, always has been since he was a wee little pup. At our old house we had some very loud neighbors, so Bucky was out in the back yard giving the teenagers lectures all the time. Sometimes we got tired of hearing the arguments, one of us would stand at the back door and yell "Hey pug, put a sock in it!"

Bucky usually looked at us for a fraction of a second, like "you talking to me?" and finish up with his speech, with his back side to us. Throw out a few insults over his shoulder at the end.

Bucky was about three years old when Henry was born. They grew up together, watched each other become the fine youngsters they are today (well, maybe an oldster in Bucky's case). "Dog" was one of Henry's first words, and then "pug", and "Bucky".

One day, when Henry was a toddler, the two of us stood at the back door; the pug was outside making a fool out of himself. Suddenly the small child announced:

"Hey pug, put your hat on!"

If Bucky is ever capable of being confused, that was the day. He stopped, turned, gave us a good long look, and came into the house, mumbling all the way, "my hat, now where is my hat? where did I leave my hat?"

The child never mixed up his (or the pug's) accessories again, but the smartie pug learned the lesson and the hat trick never worked again.

Here is a picture of Bucky in Henry's cowboy hat. Giddy up puggy!