Friday, April 20, 2007

Uptown Coat Left Front Stalled

This is how far I got with the Uptown Coat. Body is finished to armhole divide. Left front armhole decrease is done and started the V-neck decrease. With all these decreases somewhere along the line I think I've lost track of the stitch pattern. I'm usually pretty good at reading my knitting and figure out where I am on the stitch pattern. This time the stitches just don't feel right.

This is the left front.

And the is the bottom front. Can you tell the stitch pattern has changed?


Jennifer said...

The purple row looks right (the one at the bottom of the picture). The row above it, not so much. I don't consider myself a perfectionist (if I can find a way to fix something without ripping or if I really can't tell a difference I leave it). I'd rip this one to the color section above the purple row.

As a note, I often work both sides at the same time (using extra balls of yarn) to make sure I get decreases and such placed in a mirrored way. With the circulars, this is pretty straight forward. It creates complexity for extra balls of yarn, but you always know both sides are the same height and decreases are in the same rows.

I did that for my Independence Top (picture of the completed front on my blog) and it made life a lot easier in general.

Arlene said...

Definitely rip back the few inches with the error. Its noticeable. And you'll never be happy with the final product if you just try to ignore it and go on.

Such a pretty pattern though! Hope you are enjoying the knitting process....