Sunday, August 12, 2007

Cushion Conglomeration Caper

We are doing a Knit-along on the Woollythoughts group -- CCC, Cushion Conglomeration Caper. The group is hosted by Pat Ashforth, the author of Woolly Thoughts, and now Second Thoughts, who I had mentioned on this blog couple of times before. I really enjoy the mathematical ways of thinking and knitting, but unfortunately haven't had a chance to knit anything from her designs. I was so glad Pat invited me to the group, and now more than happy to be part of the Knit-along.

The Conglomeration method is introduced in Second Thoughts, which is available to order through

This cushion caper -- in American English would be pillow top -- will be about 18" square when it's done. Pat publishes the next shape every two or three days. As I'm usually behind, I get to knit two or three shapes in one sitting which is a really nice plus for the way I'm knitting.

Theoretically I should knit each shape, cast off, change color, pick up the next shape. I don't like weaving in ends, so I'm trying to skip the color changes as much as I can. If I know where the next shape supposed to start, I just cast off that direction so the last loop would be the starting point of the new shape. I'm only changing color when I have to cut the yarn and pick up at a different spot.

This picture shows end of stage 8. Pat published stage 10 tonight, so I'm behind again.

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