Thursday, February 07, 2008

Trinket on Thursday

This happened last Sunday, recorded by Bill, aka Trinket's Dad:

"Trinket", I said. "Go tell Mommy to bring me $60 when she comes down from the library". The little black dog lowered his head toward the ground, raised his ears gazing direclty at me. It was apparent that Trinket wanted to get every ounce of meaning he could from this command and he was determined to do the right thing. "Go on now" I said, gesturing toward the stairs. He paused just long enough to make eye contact again, assuring me that he would do his best.

I turned back toward Henry. "There he goes, did you see that?". I waited a few moments and then I called up toward Vivian, thinking she was in the library. "Hey, did Trink deliver my message?" Getting no response, I hurried up the stairs and went to look for them both. I found Trinket standing behind a closed door, dutifully waiting to deliver the message. When he saw me, he turned again toward the door and then looked back at me. "I've done my best", he seemed to be telling me with his eyes. "Yes, you have", I thought.

Henry came up behind me and we both laughed our heads off, to think about our little messenger. We'll have more errands for him in the future, that's for sure.

Here is Trinket waiting for the next message.


Cindy said...

What a good pup.

Gnat said...

That is a great story. Your little messenger.

Paula said...

Oh My goodness what a smart dog Trinket is!
I love that story!

dogquilter said...

What a smart puppy!!

Jennifer said...

So cute! He is a good boy. Dogs know a lot more than we sometimes give them credit for, I think ;)