Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Baby Alpaca Scarf

Yarn: Hand dyed baby alpaca aquired through Knittalk gift exchange in 2006 Pattern: Free lace stitch pattern from Lion Brand website Notes: I had two skeins of this lovely yarn so I figured I'll knit a scarf, knit until I run out of yarn. This turned out to be a very long scarf.


zelda said...

Beautiful work as always!

Sarah said...

Vivian, it's lovely!

Firefly Nights said...

I'm glad you mentioned that this was a LONG scarf. I took one look at it before I read what you said and my immediate thought was that the one I just finished was SO short in comparison.

It's hard to know how long to make them. Some people just cross them at the neck so you don't want them so long they hang out of a jacket. Other people like to wrap them around their neck once or twice. Then there's the new trend of the skinny, really long scarves where you put the ends back through the loop on the other side of the neck.

I end up just guessing at the length unless it's a key part of the pattern.