Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Big Basin Hike

Last weekend we went on a nice hike in the Big Basin Redwoods State Park, in the Santa Cruz mountains, about 45 minutes from where we live. It rained on and off last week, so the mountain air was cold and damp, but fresh and crisp too. We hadn't been to Big Basin for a long time, in fact, we hadn't gone on a family hike for a long time. This was a nice change of pace. There were a lot of redwood trees, very big ones too. Can you count how old this one was? The downed trees were cut into smaller pieces and left in the canyon for the next generation. We found this one as our perfect lunch spot. Monkey number three was running around with a camera. My guys clearing the trail for me. Henry at ten years old has officially out-hiked his mom. I was so slow that The Man towed me all the way back. After a quick stop in downtown Santa Cruz, we had a nice dinner at Ristorante Avanti to round up the day. Life is good.


Lynn said...

Wow this looks like a nice day!!! And that restaurant is a great way to finish it off. I'll have the Chicken Cacciatore as my entree, but I can't decide between the Chocolate Pot de Crème or Tiramisù for dessert. I know, you order one and I'll order the other so we can share!

Jennifer said...

Looks like fun. I hear you on getting out-hiked by the kid - happens to me, too ;) Great pic of Henry and the redwood.

Lesley said...

One of my favorite parks!