Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green with Envy

A good looking pug looks good in anything, even a diaper. Bucky has been Mr. Leaky for a little while, slowly going from oh-no-I-can't-wait to Good-morning-Mom-you-look-mad-I-want-my-breakfast. I asked on the pug group on Ravelry for advice, and someone recommended belly band, and that someone handy on etsy would be able to make one for me (for Bucky actually).

It was quite easy to find 2Parises, and she even found some pug fabric to make two belly bands. Then when I got the package, she included this St. Patty one as a bonus. How sweet!

Bucky, His Royal Highness, is quite embarrassed with this whole belly band business. We only use it at night, when he’s too tired to say much.

What you looking at? Got something better to do?

Cookies, I think I see cookies. I'm getting a little foggy, but I think I see cookies.


knittinwolf said...

At least your stylin Bucky! Poor baby...big hugs

Sue said...

We used a belly band on Bentley when he was old and too crippled to make it to the door in time. We also used one on Fudge for a while because he was marking in the house. Fudge really hated it as he considered it punishment. (Which it was)

Leslie said...

Poor guy. Getting old is the pits!

Janet said...

A good cookie can turn any situation around. :-)

Marguerite said...

Bucky is stylin, even if he doesn't appreciate it.

I've been thinking about getting a belly band for Pappy. He's a senior dog now and sometimes at night he is just too tired to care where he goes.

KimKim said...

Aww he's all old. So so sweet and adorable. Pugsley will be 11 or 12 this year. I am not sure exactly how old she is! Leo says 12. We forgot her birthday last year.

We really love Bucky, Leo too. He's the sweetest dog. Trinket is lovely too.