Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Pill War II

Let review what we've tried for Trinket so far for his pill taking:
1. Provolone cheese (too strong)
2. Pill pockets (too doggie)
3. Turkey deli meat (too whatever)
4. Liver treats (gag)
5. Plain toast (too crumbie)

Here is the latest routine (it's been working for the past couple of days, so keep our fingers crossed it's going to stay working):
1. Dad gets a vanilla wafer cookie and break it into four pieces -- one half and two quarters
2. One quarter goes to Trinket
3. One quarter goes to Bucky because by now he knows Trinket gets treats and he can't miss out on it
4. Dad puts a dab of peanut butter on top of the half cookie and quickly sticks the pill in the middle of the peanut butter
5. Trinket gobbles it up
6. We wait and make sure he swallows, cause sometimes that rascal does spit out the pill and we have to start all over.

Bucky says he'd prefer the pill pocket, thank you. Wait, with some of that turkey please. And liver treats. On a piece of toast. Might as well have the cookie and peanut butter. With cheese on top.


Tina. said...

Hahhaahahahahah! Sounds like someone would be glad to help out, lol. I am glad you have found a way to get the pill down. For Sampson we put the pill in the back of his mouth, held his chin up and stroked his throat until he swallowed, all the while holding a treat above his nose, as soon as he swallowed he got the treat. We should try the peanut butter method, I never thought of that!

Rose said...

Fortunately for MaggieMae (and me) so far the only pill she takes is her heartworm preventative, and she just gobbles that up. I'm praying that's all we ever have to experience! I've had other dogs I've had to give pills to, and managed to get it to the back of the throat, hold the mouth shut and rub the neck till they swallowed. Tried that with a cat once too, but he managed to spit it up later...... not pretty!!

Rachael said...

Good Luck! Ludo recently had a severe allergic reaction to something and he was on 4 medications for awhile. I tried all sorts of goodies to hide the pills in, finally winning with of all things processed cheese (my husband's I swear to you). He LOVES it. Of course Willow's refined taste wanted nothing to do with the stuff!

Sue said...

Bucky sounds like one of mine. "I'll take one of everything, please"

Have you tried a dab of yogurt on the tip of a spoon? I do this for Samba because even though she's good about taking pills, with her paralysis the pill falls out the side of her mouth. If it's stuck in a little yogurt, it slides right down.

Good luck finding something that works.

knittinwolf said...

How tough to get it down! Good luck!

Serendipity said...

Don't I know the struggle! LOL! I usually pop the pill right at the back of Happy's mouth too, closing her muzzle and stroking her throat. That usually does the trick.