Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bucky on Vacation

We spent early part of this week on the central coast of Califonia, which we planned to visit last summer but didn't make it since we couldn't find a dog sitter. Now that Bucky is our only dog and with his fragile state I don't trust others taking care of him, he went along for the ride.

The ride he had! Everywhere we went he had fans. We picked restaurants with outdoor seating, and people stopped to admire "your cute old pug". At an icecream shop a girl volunteered to bring a bowl of water outside so she could meet "the cute puppy". The place we stayed was right on the beach, and Henry and Dad enjoyed hours of whacking a paddleball around. To my surprise, Bucky had a great time exploring the beach. He doesn't walk very well, and I thought it's more difficult for him to walk on the soft sand. Instead the sand cushioned his falls, and he really liked all the new smells.


Pooch said...

Looks like Bucky enjoyed time in the sand. I know how you feel about him. I hated to leave Max with anyone in his last years. So glad you could take Bucky with you.


Gnat said...

awe!! ;) So cute! :)

Lynn said...

Oh he looks so happy!!!! The sand was probably easier on his joints. Too cute!

Sue said...

He seemed to be enjoying himself. It's so hard to watch them grow old and have trouble moving around. I'm glad you took him along and I'm sure he is, too.