Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pugtacular 2010

Last Sunday we went to the annual Pugtacular, a big pug party where you can see hundreds of snorting slobbering sometimes screaming pugs. Bucky won two out of three events we entered -- first place in senior pugs (Bucky, at 15 years old, was the oldest in the building), third place in pug race (we had to enter him as physically challenged, Bucky made it to the end through some detours). Bucky and I got eliminated in the first round for Lap Pugs, one'd figure we should be able to win that with a pug hardly walks!

We were interviewed by the local paper and they put Bucky's picture as the headliner in the article. Here is the link.

Bucky's first place winning was a Christmas wreath with a stuffed animal and cookies as decorations. While I was talking to the reporter Bucky snatched off one of the cookies and ate it right there. He hasn't had a hard cookie in well over a year, but he crunched it all up in no time, licked his chops, and wanted to attacked the next one.


Lynn said...

OMG what a great shot!!!! Bucky is famous!!

YawnOver said...


Sue said...

That's a wonderful photo. Yeah for Bucky, you showed all those other Pugs that the old guy can keep up.
Morgan, Tsar and the Porties