Friday, March 04, 2011

Fair Isle Hats Finale

Catching up on my finished knitting from before Stitches.

Top: Boxes
Bottom left: Purple Temple
Bottom right: Red Crown

These hats are loosely based on a Paton's fair isle tam pattern. I increased significant number of stitches to make the crown bigger, and recalculated the decreases on top. All were using leftover Classic Wool from my Great American Aran Afghan, with one strand of variegated yarn as main color and one strand of solid yarn as contrast. Interesting thing to point out, Boxes and Red Crown shared the same variegated yarn, but by using a different solid yarn, the color palette turned out completely differently. Towards the center of Red Crown I ran out of the red contrasting color, so you can see how the variegated yarn looks by itself (click on the picture to see a larger version).

A few more pictures from different views.

Something extra from Rascal never hurts. I made this mobius toy from a knitted strip, felted, and sewed the sides together, tied a knot, then sewed the ends together. He loves to stick his nose in the loops.

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Word Lily said...

Great hats! And I love the toy, too!

AllyB said...

What a great toy! Rascal looks like he's having a great time with it. I love that Iron Chef is playing in the background, it's always so dramatic at the beginning. Works quite well with the dog nuzzling his new toy. Love your hats!

Spinster Beth said...

Oh, I like the hat you are wearing (I assume that is you, anyway!)

That doggie looks like he has some sharp teeth!

Vivian said...

Beth, yep, that's me in the hat, taken by a friend at our annual knitting retreat in the Santa Cruz mountains.

Oh the puppy's teeth! I can't count how many toys I've mended in the past two months!

WonderWhyGal said...

I love the hats! I am just learning colorwork so I always enjoy those who do it.

I'd be afraid to knit my dogs a toy because they already want my bobbins, yarn and roving as toys. Argh!

Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

Kathryn Ray said...

Those hats are so great. I love the shape.

Karin said...

You look stunning in that tam!!