Friday, April 22, 2011

Parker Cardigan Full Body, Fiber Sightings

I ripped the top half of the back and reknitted it in the right stitch pattern. Now it's just the sleeves left. (If you look closely the back of the neck doesn't match the fronts, since I forgot to decrease every row -- darn those "at the same time" patterns! Will just have to do some nip and tuck while I knit the button band.)

Last week we went up to North Bay for a quick get away. When I travel with the guys I don't usually stop at yarn shops since they don't have a whole lot of patience for wool or alpaca or cashmere or plies or gauge. So I squeeze in whatever I can. This time I stopped at Balls and Skeins in Sebastopol and scored some discontinued Noro from their sale bin. Blogger is not cooperating with me with formats, whenever I move the pictures around, everything gets messed up. I loaded tons of pictures on Facebook, so you'd like to see them, just friend me there! This link should take you straight to my profile.

Last night in our knitting meeting, one of the ladies showed us a piece of fabric she bought at a garage sale. It turned out to be part of a Chinese skirt from the 19th century (Qing dynasty). Look at the embroidery details! I learned a little bit of embroidery when I was a little girl, no where near this complicated.

Update to add this link#12 is the style of skirt we saw. It's called "hundred pleat skirt". In the old days gentle ladies supposed to walk slowly in their bound feet and the skirt was not to move with their steps. 


WonderWhyGal said...

The cardigan is coming along great! Nips and tucks always do wonders.

Isn't it amazing what you will find at a garage sale?

happy fiber arts friday!

Kathryn Ray said...

Wow. That embroidery is amazing!

Unforth said...

That really is amazing embroidery. Whenever I look at historical textiles, I'm just blown away. They did all those things without all the technology we have to make sure that we are reproducing our pattern the same way!

Voie de Vie said...

The embroidery on that skirt is just wowsa.

And you need to just go into any fiber store you want to when road tripping. They'll amuse themselves. :)

Kate (KnitsInClass) said...

I feel your pain for "at the same time" instructions - they get me every.single.time.

The embroidery is gorgeous - so beautiful and detailed -and really lush-looking.

fiberdance said...

That embroidery is amazing-the sweater is going great, too

GreenGardenMom said...

I love the skirt.

Marushka C. said...

The Chinese embroidery piece is beyond beautiful -- that's an all-time best ever garage find.

I bet your sweater will come out just fine. I hate those 'at the same time' directions, too.

AllyB said...

Such a pretty lavender in your sweater and I really like texture you're getting from the stitch pattern. I drool over beautiful embroidery like that. So much work and truly rewarding. Happy Fiber Arts Friday, Vivian and have a great weekend.

Sue said...

What gorgeous embroidery. I just did a cross stitch of a Shar-pei for a friend and I want to find some Chinese looking fabric to back it. Let's hope the fabric store cooperates today.

Suzanna B Stinnett said...

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