Friday, July 22, 2011

Light and Lacy Finale

Project: Light and Lacy 波萝丝
Pattern Light and Lacy by Doris Chan
YarnSchachenmayr Nomotta Belana, superwash wool
Color: F8410, blue
Yardage: Had 4 balls, 546 yards in stash, used exactly 3 balls, plus small amount of white Encore worsted weight for edgingHook: US Size G & I
Previous entriesin progress
Cast on: June 25, 2011
Cast off: July 15, 2011
Cost: About $15 (I don't remember buying the yarn, so this is really an estimate.)

Notes: The beginning was difficult, but once the body was joined together it was fun making the pineapple motives. The Chinese name of the project means shredded pineapple, a word play on the translation of lace and shreds. I made this top as part of Crochet-Along with the China Group on Ravelry. My crochet skills are practically next to none so this was a very good practice. Another reason was so I could use my fancy Brittany rosewood hooks. When I first started knitting this time around, in 1998, Brittany needles and hooks were all the rage. I collected a stash of their rosewood straight needles and crochet hooks. Then they stopped making them. The price for the needles went sky high. I couldn't resist the temptation of making a quick buck and sold all the needles on eBay. These hooks survived. It feels good just to touch them.


Spinster Beth said...

Oh, my, I love those crochet hooks ... what brand is that? Lantern Moon?

Voie de Vie said...

Nicely done for someone with little crochet experience! Thanks for providing the play on words - I like cultural that insight. Pineapples are so imbedded in crochet history (which I respect and appreciate), but I'm not a huge fan. This cultural attachment makes them far more appealing!

Voie de Vie said...

If only I could keyboard as fast as I think! :)