Friday, August 19, 2011

Vacation Yarn Shopping Part Two

On the way home from Santa Barbara I made the guys stop at couple of yarn shops for me. Fortunately The Man had bronchitis during the trip, not pleasant, but it made him much more willing to give up the wheel. I drove the car straight to the yarn shops.

Yarns at the Adobe is in San Luis Obispo, on a side street in the downtown area. The shop was cute and pretty, had loads of lovely yarns, both fancy expensive stuff and the every day wools. The owner was running a tea party when I was there, an actual tea party with the hot beverage and little sandwiches, so I was left on my own to wonder about.

Yarn arranged to coordinate with the adobe themed mural. 
The Scarlet Skein is in Paso Robles. The shop is large and airy and comfortable. There was even a little dog to greet me. The sad part was I couldn't find a thing to buy, even tho the entire shop was 25% off. The entire shop! I have a good sized stash, and I've shopped in a lot of places, I'm picky.

I did not come home empty handed. Here are two skeins of O-wool worsted weight from the sale rack at Knit and Pearl Boutique in Santa Barbara. I've read lots of good reviews about this yarn and now I have a chance to try it myself. 

Last week I won the button give away on Melissa's blog Curly Bird Express, and she packed all these nice buttons just for me! Aren't they beautiful? These are just some of them. Thanks Melissa!

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AllyB said...

Any trip that includes yarn shops is a great trip. Happy Fiber Arts Friday. Give that little Rascal a few pets for me.

Spinster Beth said...

Sorry about the fella's bronchitis ... but good on ya for taking advantage of it!

Voie de Vie said...

You made it to San Luis Obispo and didn't check out the Drops store? And you couldn't find one thing to buy at a store with a blanket 25% off? Oh my - you are better than I. :)

fiberdance said...

hard to believe you didn't find much yarn-its dangerous for me to walk into a yarn store--what you got looks great, be sure to show us what you do with it.

Melissa Plank said...

It sounds like a nice time, even though the yarn was slim pickins. But that just means you have to go on more yarn adventures!

WonderWhyGal said...

Your trip sounds lovely. It's cool that you have been able to visit all of these yarn shops.

The buttons are sassy! There are a few of them in there that I can already picture in projects.

Kathryn Ray said...

I'm picky when it comes to buying yarn as well. If I buy, it's usually for a specific project and rarely just because of the yarn... especially now that I am a spinner.

Of course, roving is another story. ;-)

Hubba has resigned himself to the fact that any trips we take together will involve at least one fiber-related side trip.

I hope The Man and Rascal are both feeling better.