Thursday, May 16, 2013

Liesl Redux

Remember I wasn't complete happy with how Liesl turned out, with the tight shoulders and sleeves and all. I thought about how to fix the sleeves, so I ripped them out. Then I ripped out the body up to the end of the yoke increase, re-did the armholes, re-knitted the body on larger needles, now re-knitting the sleeves. You can't tell from the picture that well, but the armhole area is much more roomy now. I made a major mistake the first time around, so bad that I would not admit it. We agree to let it go.

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Cathy said...

I applaud your courage to rip it out and redo.... I would've let it marinate for... ever, perhaps!

Nichole said...

I second your courage to RIP and redo!

Pumpkin said...

It is always a pain to have to rip something out and redo it (I just had to rip out a project this afternoon), but they usually turn out even prettier, it looks very lovely!

WonderWhyGal said...

Wowza! So you essentially knit the whole project over? You are a rock star.

Kathryn Ray said...

It's so pretty, you should be happy with it... even if it means ripping and redoing.