Friday, January 10, 2014

Retreat, Stripe Two

Winner for last week's eBook giveaway is Andria who blogs at McGreen Experience. Andria, Denise will get in touch with you on Ravelry about the eBook.

Last weekend was my knitting group's annual knitting retreat. This year we are trying out a new venue, St. Francis Retreat Center in San Juan Bautista. My friend Carol, who blogs at And All That Yarn, organized the retreat and wrote up a nice recap about the event on her blog. Here are a few pictures I took, more on Facebook and Ravelry: 

Encountered this deer on my walk, he was not scared at all.

My friend Jocelyn, who blogs at Fiber Dev, gave us a mini course of making your own stitch markers. I have a lot of old jewelry that I don't use any more, and I'd like to take them apart and turn them into stitch markers. I made the ones with amber and pearls in this picture below, the other ones are my trades with Jocelyn and Cathy (My Breast Cancer Journey). 

Got this huge skein of lace yarn in gift exchange, and it took me a good part of two hours to hand wind it into a nice large ball. It will be great for a full size shawl.

Finished another stripy scarf using odd balls, call it my Stripe Two. Gave it to my friend Fae, it's perfect for her color palette!

Happy Fiber Arts Friday! Join the party on Andrea's blog, and leave me a comment!


Spinster Beth said...

My, that's a huge ball of yarn!! What a lovely place for a retreat. I hope you had a great time.

I see deer when I run in the woods ... they don't appear nervous of me, but I'm always convinced they're going to panic and run me over!

Cathy said...

What a lovely retreat you had, only wish I was there too! I love the stitch markers, must try out the idea. The lace yarn is gorgeous and I love the scarf.

Carol said...

Nice pictures Vivian! Looking forward to seeing what you make with that yarn from the gift exchange.

AllyB said...

The stripey scarf looks like great fun. Your pink ball of yarn looks very pretty and I can't wait to see what you turn it into. I'm happy that you had a great time at your first retreat. Now you can get busy planning for the next one :) I love getting away for a couple days with knitters and spinners. It recharges your batteries.

Andria said...

Hurray, chuffed to have own, thanks!! Looks like your retreat was fab, and that yarn is gorgeous!

WonderWhyGal said...

Lucky you...a knitting retreat with some of our blogging friends. I can't wait to see what you create with that yarn.