Sunday, July 05, 2015

W is for Water

I don't know how to swim.

For years people tried to teach me. I learned how to move my limps in the water but if I was tossed in a river I'd be dead. As I got older people gave up teaching me to swim. There were more important things in life, like studying, or working, or bringing up wee little dogs and child. I can't remember the last time I tried to swim. In Chinese they called people like me dryland duck.

My husband is a good swimmer. A few weeks ago we got talking and he suggested that he could teach me. I gave it a good thought for a few days. I like to be independent, so the idea of having to count on other people to save me has always bothered me. And we live in sunny California and what can go wrong with parading around in skimpy fabric (once I gained the well tuned swimmer body). Not to mention I can use some calorie burning to earn all the mocha and cookies that end up in my belly (and other places).

So we start.

Yesterday I was able to swim on my own almost the entire width of the pool, on the shallow end of course. Let's hope that progress is still ahead and I won't retire as an advanced beginner.

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