Sunday, March 11, 2007

Parent University

In January Henry's school held a one-day "Parent University", to show parents what they teach the kids in the classroom. Since I never went to school in the US, I figured it was a good chance to see what it's like in elementary school.

You can choose three courses, two in the morning and one after lunch. One of the courses I took was Hands-On, Minds-On Science. I happened to have a science teacher (internal) as my group partner, so she showed me how to dissect an owl pellet. The pellet is owl's spit up with all the stuffs they can't digest (feather, bones, teeth, etc.). As the teacher told me, it's pretty clean and fun, much easier than dissecting a cow's eye which the kids will do in middle school.

Take a look at this picture. Apparently this owl ate two mice in a row, there are two skulls (circled), and various bones in the pellet.


Lesley said...

My mom has a very tall palm tree in her backyard... apparently owls LOVE tall palms. She regularly finds those pellets at the base of the palm.

Bye the way-- missed you at book club. Hope all is well.

Diane said...

Very cool! I remember all my kids doing that in science. It's nice that you had the opportunity to actually see hands on teaching in the school.

Our school just has the ever boring open house. Works out great in elementary school but middle and high school you spend more time running from room to room than hearing about what the kids will be learning.