Monday, July 16, 2007

Stripe up the Band, Almost Finished

Previous mentions of this sweater are here and here.

I'm pretty much on gauge, but somehow the body came out a tad tight while the sleeves are quite roomy. Most of the sweater is knitted by switching two yarns every other row, one strand of Ellen's Half Pint variegated merino wool in shades of green, blue and purple, the other strand is custom dyed lavender from Ellen. I'm thinking of adding some ribbing as button hole bands, in a good shade of green or blue to match the variegated yarn.

Shopped the stash, no good match. Will I have to BUY yarn to finish this sweater? My goodness, that'd be a first for me.

Here is Trinket surveying his backyard.


Diane said...

The sweater is coming out really beautiful.

Nice to see that Trinket is keeping track of everything going on in the yard for you.

Karin said...

That sweater is gorgeous, I hope you'll post with YOU in it!!