Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bucky's New Habitat

We bought this new dining table set. The table is counter height (36 inches), much taller than the usual 30 inches for regular tables. The chairs are matching height of course, to accommodate the tall guy in the house. Now the tall guy is finally comfortable sitting at the dinner table with enough room under the table for his legs. Henry seems fine climbing on the chair, although it makes him look like he's back in a highchair, which he left behind when he was 2 1/2 years old. One thing skipped my mind when I ordered the table, MY FEET can't touch the floor when I'm in the chair! And there is no hope I will be growing taller any time soon.

The table is square, and when all four chairs are pushed in there is a small square left in the middle. Guess who claimed it? When Bucky decides it's time for a good game of chase, we have to get under the table to catch him.


Pooch said...

Now that is truly a family table with Bucky finding a use for it too! I know what you mean about feet not touching the floor. That sometimes happens to me in certain types of "normal size" chairs!

Its fun to have some new furniture, isn't it?


dogquilter said...

Bucky is one smart pooch!

zelda said...

It is a cool dining set and I'm pretty sure my kids won't find me there so move over, Bucky.

Gnat said...

That's the kind of table and chairs we need. We have big dogs who like to put their noses in your plate if they can. ;)

Thanks for sharing and hope you are doing good. ;)

Firefly Nights said...

Mosby loves running in and out of the chairs under the dining room table. No room for him actually under the table itself, but he's in and out of the chair legs when he and Roscoe chase each other.

Jennifer said...

Bucky! Of course the new table is for him and he knows it. Love, LOVE, lurve your Dickinson sweater - what an amazing job you did on that.