Wednesday, May 21, 2008

White Lies Designs Heather

I have always enjoyed Joan McGowan-Michael's designs. Every year I see her booth at Stitches West and I always stop to admire her samples, and couple years ago this pack ended up coming home with me.

This is the Heather pullover, size medium. Comes with seven skeins of Joy, a soft merino wool in lilac, and two glass leaves dangles.

Started the front last week. The body length in the pattern is 22.5 in. and I’m thinking about making it a little longer, more like 24 in. I would just add couple of inches before decreasing for the waistline. I might have to buy an extra skein of Joy just in case.


Sarah said...

Pretty! I always end up knitting longer sweater bodies than the patterns indicate. I just like them better that way.

Lynn said...

I like that sweater! The yarn is really pretty too, esp once I saw it knit up.

Firefly Nights said...

Your knitting looks great. I haven't done a project like that yet.

Is the Green Mountain Spinnery book you mentioned in another post mainly a pattern book?