Monday, June 30, 2008

It Runs in the Family

We try to instill the importance of education in our child's mind. Conceptually speaking, graduating from a school is more significant than the ceremony, certification or party that symbolize or celebrate this personal historical milestone. The other day our little family chatted about high school prom. I didn't have one and Bill didn't go to his, so we are counting down days (3,200 and some change) to Henry's, a truly historical event. Henry has been rather focused on which college gym he wants to play basketball in, which shadows the other aspects of high school graduation. "What about a date?" says Mom, who knows just that much about prom. "I'll have a date." says Henry, very confidently. "You mean you'll have a girlfriend?" says Mom, (you are getting my attention, kiddo). "I might." says Henry, less confidently. "If you don't have a girlfriend, where do you find a date?" Mom doesn't know much about the dating world. "I'll just get a date from that website, you know, they advertise during basketball games on TV?" the kid knows what he's talking about. It was Now review the How We Met stories, from Bill and Vivian, see a family trend?


Lynn said...

Oh that's a great story!!!! LOL I love the way a kid's mind works!!

zelda said...


Ah, prom. I remember it well.

Better keep him home.

Diane said...

That's hysterical.

Firefly Nights said...

Didn't realize that you weren't originally from this country. Now I've figured out why you know so much about the Chinese way of serving tea.

Enjoyed reading the dating service stories. They charged $500 back then? Wow. Most men would have heard the dollar amount and walked out the door. Or been too discouraged to have stayed around as long as your husband did. Guess you two were meant to be.

Re: proms. I was just an average school kid traveling in the pack that was just one level behind the big name stars of the school, but somehow I ended up at five proms: when I was a sophomore I was dating a junior, went to my own junior and senior proms, and went to my later boyfriend's junior and senior proms at another school. Made a different dress for each one.