Thursday, August 07, 2008


The little hermit crab in the picture, Goyle, was pronounced dead last Friday. Prior to that he was missing in action for about a week, only his empty shell was in the tank. We suspect that he was molting and something happened during the process and he didn't make it.
Here is what Bill wrote last Friday when he and Henry were home together:
"I took the time to sift through the terrarium 4 times very carefully. The only thing I found was one leg and a pincher. No other "parts" of the missing crab. We also went through every shell and the log very carefully and came up empty. "Henry decided he wanted to bury Goyle's old shell with the pincher I found in the backyard. We put it underneath the stones below the bunny in the backyard. We said a farewell that "he gave us a lot of enjoyment and we hope enjoyed his life" and then we covered over with dirt and stones. The bunny will watch over the little crab's spirit. "
We brought these two crabs home about a year and half ago and Henry named them Crabbe and Goyle. Crabbe has always been the stronger, more active one, and obviously the survivor.
Now we have a crab named Crabbe; a pug often addressed as Pug; a dog answers to Dog -- even though he doesn't think he's a dog; a kid sometimes references himself as The Kid; a wife signs her emails as Wife; and a husband that's just that.

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Firefly Nights said...

Poor Goyle.

One of the characters in a soap opera I watch calls the cook "Cook" no matter who she was supposed to be. Said he got tired or remembering the names of the ones who came and went so they all became "Cook".