Friday, August 29, 2008

Responses for Vest and Vacation

Got some wonderful comments about the Chinese Red Vest, both on the blog and on Ravelry, including this one from Cheryl Oberle:
Hi Vivian, Beautifully knitted! A great Olympic project. Congratulations…and thanks for making it look so good! I’m adding it to my favorites. Cheryl
Never thought of a day I'd be honoring Beijing in any manner, but here I am and I'm rather proud of myself. To China. To our history and our future.

More notes about the vacation: When I said Henry had outgrown Legoland, I meant he's outgrown the little rides. He's not an amusement park kind of guy (nor his parents), never liked Disneyland, Santa Cruz Boardwalk, or Great America. He'd never get on a rollercoaster. On that day we waited two hours in the sun for two rides and after that we decided rides are over! We still love Lego as ever, in fact, right now he's on the Lego website plotting which Clone War set I should get him for Christmas. Without the rides, it's a bit steep to pay more than $80 so the two of us can see the Lego artwork and sculptures. If only there is a Miniland closer and more reasonably priced ... On the other hand, if you've never been to Legoland by all means add it to your list to visit. There are rides for small children but also rollercoasters for older kids and adults. Not to mention the artwork everywhere. We talked to a masterbuilder in one of our previous visits, it's amazing how they put together a three feet tall Lego building.

Jennifer, thank you so much for leaving me the link for Yin Yu Tang. Coincidentally, my maiden name is also Huang, same as the family that built this house. But Huang is a big name in China and my family is from further south.

Another very important destination of our trip that I neglected to mention was Whimsic Alley in Santa Monica. It's an extensive Harry Potter store (they sell everything on the website too) and Henry saved money for months with this store in mind. He ended up with an elder wand, a Prefect pin, and a bunch of Potter candies. I was very temped by a set of Professor McGonagall robes, luckily reality got the better of me.


Jennifer said...

How cool!! to get the comment from Cheryl. But your vest definitely warranted it.

That Harry Potter shop must have been a lot of fun. My kids and I can't wait for the next movie.

We have so many Legos in may house that I will have to move out if any more are brought in. Seriously.

Jennifer said...

Oh and PS glad you liked the Yin Yu Tang link. Both the house and the PE Museum are really awesome.

Paula said...

That is so cool that you got a beautiful comment from Cheryl!
I just love her work and that vest you knitted is spectacular!!!
I just love dthat pattern in the book and it is wonderful to see someone knit it.