Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shop Reviews -- P2P Day 1

Thursday, September 18

1. Started my hop at Yarndogs at exactly 10am. The shop wasn't open yet but Deborah let me in. One of my friends from South Bay Knitters was working there and they oohed and aahed over my Chinese Red Vest. I try to wear my knitting every day for the events, this shop hop and Stitches, etc.


2. Next, Green Planet Yarn in Campbell. This is a brand new shop just opened a few months ago. Our group meets here once a month, plus I come to hang out in downtown Campbell on occasions. The shop is nicely remodeled, well lit and people are very friendly.

3. The Knitting Room! Mary Ann and Ed were very happy to see me. The shop was quiet and we were able to chat a bit about families, business, kids, etc. Ed designed couple of hats, one knitted and one crocheted and they were the one-skein projects. I wish they would be less modest tho, like putting out one of Mary Ann's Aran projects, or Ed's elaborate fillet crochet coaster sets. They are extraordinarily intelligent, so much fun to be with. I bought 5 skeins of Encore worsted for a Quidditch sweater for Henry that he saw in Charmed Knits. He doesn't usually ask for things, so for the first time I bought the yarn the pattern called for, to the colorways. $30 for a sweater is not too bad.


4. Commuknity in San Jose. Our group used to come here for our monthly meetings until one day they kicked us out. I'm not very fond of this part of town and something about the shop just never meshed with me that well. The shop is large and roomy, like an exhibit hall. The one-skein project is very pretty.


5. A new knitting and quilt shop, Bobbin's Nest, in Santa Clara. Parking was very awkward. People were nice and friendly, and I introduced them to Folk Vest and Cheryl Oberle.


6. Last shop of the day, Yarn Place, newly moved to Santa Clara. I used to live in this neighborhood but it still took me a few loops to find the shop. It's in an tiny industrial strip mall, but had big screaming letters on the windows to advertise what's inside, just like a $10 a set nail salon.


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zelda said...

Great posts, all! Loved the pictures and the commentary. Thanks!