Thursday, May 21, 2009

Trinket the Mouse

Trinket is every bit a mouse. His name came with him from the lady that rescued his parents. He was the runt of the litter. His needle nose is constantly taking him to tight spots, so he could pick up the last bit of crumb. He moves daintily and soundlessly around the house, except for the tag we put on his collar, and in the recent months, his ever more heavy breathing. Trinket is a small sweet spot that melts on you like a pad of butter. Actually he would much prefer licking up that butter. If he licks the butter, some will get on the cold little nose and make him look funny. If you laugh at him because he looks funny, he'd hang his head and tail down, and slink away in embarrassment.

It's only fitting that we were visited by a real mouse earlier this week. A rat actually, as he was fairly large. Couple days later Bill found him dead in the garden.


Bill said...

Leader of the house; Trinket is a mouse!

Jennifer said...

Trinket is way cuter than that mouse.

BTW, My word verification word is homouse...!

Criquette said...

What an adorable boy Trinket is! Was he the one who killed the mouse?

Vivian said...

I seriously doubt Trinket would know what to do with a mouse, might just bark at it till he gets the hoomans attention. The mouse was either injured or hurt. It wasn't moving very fast when I took the picture.