Saturday, September 19, 2009

A to Z of Me

Apple sorbert -- I made the last batch of apples into apple butter, and now it's frozen into sorbert. Perfect for the hot weather next week.
(Andrea) Bocelli -- loads of good clips on Youtube, ear candy.
Chinese -- that's who I am
Dogs -- most of my children belong in that catagory
Email -- the current inbox count is 4643 unread, and I thought I was hopeless when it went over 1,000
Facebook -- I can't believe how much I'm addicted to this website which I wasn't even using a year ago. I really should spend more time dealing with that inbox instead.
Godiva -- one of my favorite chocolates
Henry (or Husband) -- the men in my life. I was going to put in Hot fudge sundae, but Henry erased it.
Italy -- hope I can visit some day
June -- the month I was born
Knitter -- need I say more
Lemonade -- we've been making fresh lemonade this summer with the lemons I bring home from harvests, delicious stuff!
Merino wool -- preferably handpainted
Nuts -- walnuts, peanuts, pinenuts, cashew, almonds, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, love them all
Oatmeal -- plain with walnuts and raisons. I can have it every day.
Pug -- we are one
Quail eggs -- get them from Chinese market for $0.99 a dozen, hard boiled, taste much more tender than chicken eggs.
Retreat -- our annual knitting retreat in the Santa Cruz mountains. Knitting, eating, talking to friends.
Stitches West -- my annual shopping spree, the only time I set myself loose, shop till I drop.
Trinket -- the little dog that came with a name, that's in the URL of my blog, that's more than happy to eat off of my hands.
Union Square -- shopping heaven in San Francisco
Vivian -- the name I call myself
Watermelon -- don't come between me and my watermelon
Xi Dan 西单 -- Western District in Beijing, an area I used to live in when I was a child
Yoga -- one of those things I always try to do more and will never be good enough
Zillow -- was very disappointing this week


knittinwolf said...

Very cool post! Might have to do this sometime!:)

KimKim said...

You must visit Italy it's a wonderful country.

Sarah said...

I love this post.