Saturday, September 12, 2009

GAAA Squares Twelve to Seventeen

Pattern: Great American Aran Afghan booklet
Yarn: Paton's Classic Wool (worsted weight)
Needles: US Size 8

Square Twelve center piece was posted here last time. I finished the braided borders, but didn't have enough yarn for the garter stitch edge. So I switched to black to finish it off.

Still a million ends on the back side.


Square Thirteen: designed by Georgia Vincent. I don't have a picture of my square, but it's a rather pretty lace and bobble mixed square that worked from outside edge towards the center. The decrease is irregular and I had to keep track of the stitch pattern row by row.

Square Fourteen: by Suzanne Atkinson. I had looked forward to knitting this square since the beginning. The little church house, tree and sun look so cute together. The sun rays are six individual icords sewn onto the block, more ends to weave in.


Square Fifteen by Hanna Burns. I was very happy to be back to regular cables, familiar territory. No wonder this is rated one of the easiest squares.


Square Sixteen by Ann Strong. Another easy square, but the seed stitch in the cable makes it rather interesting.


Square Seventeen by Janet Martin. The placement of this square will be interesting. The fish was worked from tail to head, but if you place the square that way the fish would be standing on its tail. If you turn it the way in the picture the square would not match the direction of the other squares. The pattern book cut off this square in the completed pictures. I'll have to play with it when the time comes.


I blocked all seventeen squares and this is what they look like in a rough arrangement. Since I'm using size 8 needles for all of them, some squares are much smaller than others. The smaller ones will get extra edging to match up the biggest size before I make a final color arrangement and sew them together.


Skittl1321 said...

Those look fantastic! Is this the book that has the sweater image on the square?

Lynn said...

This is going to look really nice once done. Plus you are learning OODLES of stitches. Great way to practice on something small.

Vivian said...

Skittl, one of the squares has an Aran sweater in it. The title of the booklet is: The Great American Aran Afghan. All the squares were originally published in Knitters magazines.

Sue said...

That's going to be beautiful when you finish. Something to pass down.

Karin said...

That is going to be one beautiful blanket.
And those mitered squares...oh boy do I have a bunch of that kind of yarn...I should just see the light and make them into something like that blanket.
Very inspiring you are!

Lesley said...

Just beautiful!