Friday, February 25, 2011

Stitches West 2011 Review

First of all, a rare snow scene, only on top of the mountains, but it's real snow! (Ok, come back when you are done laughing.)

Previous years' Stitches reviews: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010.

This year I spent every minute in the market, no classes, no other events, just the market; and every minute the market was open, I was there! 

Thursday night's preview was fun, but way too short. On Friday and Saturday I worked with Judy in the Black Abbey Water Yarns booth, fending off the crowds, and shopping with my yarn credit, to my heart's content. When there was a bit down time on Saturday afternoon, I tried on a few samples, and really liked couple of them. Working in a booth meant I could play with the yarn (think about all the different colors went through my hands), read the patterns, and get to know every button intimately.  It was sooo much fun dragging the bags home on Saturday evening! Another benefit for working in the booth,  by the time I was done with practically two whole days of shopping, I got some of my shopping bugs out of the system, I was a less dangerous shopper on the rest of the market.

On Saturday, I wore my Pagode, and this lady walked into the booth in the same sweater, just a different colorway. Of course we had to take a picture together. 

The rest of the pictures are all taken on Sunday, not in any particular order.

Green Mountain Spinnery from Vermont is trying out Stitches West for the first time. I hope they liked it and come back next year. Their yarns and patterns are lovely. Very nice display in the booth too.

Spinning wheels at Carolina Homespun's booth.

Some have their priorities set.

Sanguine Gryphon from Maryland is also a first timer, and had the most unique booth arrangement.

I even joined a Ravelry meet up for a few minutes and sneaked in a picture with Jesse. Her baby is due on June 4, maybe he'll be late and land on my birthday (12th).

Remember the pictures I posted last week, the booth with all those colorful sweaters? They have Kauni, the fine wool from Denmark with super long and unique color changes. One of these had to come home with me, if not one of the $350 kits.

This is the year I really fell in love with buttons. This booth had some antique ivory and bone buttons from China, very tempting.

These are so pretty, like candies.

Annual obligatory picture of WEBS taking their booth apart. In less than 15 minutes they boxed up almost all the yarn, these are work horses.

The loot:

Do these remind you of certain someone who's rather fond of footwear?

The buttons I brought home, more on order from Black Water Abbey Yarns.

The yarns (clockwise from top left corner):
- Kauni in red and black, 150g ball
- Cashmerino, 93% merino, 7% cashmere, in Irrestringibile (it must mean lime green in some language), 10 in the box
- Textiles A Mano Wuxi, 50% silk, 50% wool, in a different shade of lime green
- Black Water Abbey Yarns sports weight in Moss, 4 skeins for Sprossling
- Colinette DK, two skeins laying across, in dark purple
- Black Water Abbey Yarns sports weight in Wood Violet, 6 skeins for Squirrel Monkey
- Black Water Abbey Yarns worsted weight in Wine, 7 skeins for Marilyn, a Beth Brown-Reinsel design, named after Marilyn King, the owner of Black Water Abbey Yarns

Till next year.


WonderWhyGal said...

How exciting! I've never attended our Stitches. It's always during our Fiber Fest. It seems like buttons are totally hot right now. I hope to attend a button extravaganza tomorrow.

I can tear my booth down in 25's amazing how long it takes to set up and how quickly you can take it down.

Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

Judy said...

Such wonderful purchases you made. I look forward to seeing finished projects next year. I have the Pagode waiting to be worked on, but have to finish Jazz first. I is good to be home but I sure had fun working with you last weekend.

AllyB said...

I am so dang jealous! That looks like such a wonderful event. I'm thinking about going to Stitches Midwest. That should be fun too. Give your pupper some scratches from me and LittleDog please.

AllyB said...

I am so dang jealous! That looks like such a wonderful event. I'm thinking about going to Stitches Midwest. That should be fun too. Give your pupper some scratches from me and LittleDog please.

Lynn said...

NICE! You've got some great stash! I really want to go to Stitches South when it gets here, but it's during the same time as school events and I never get the chance. I will one day. Oh and I LOVE the matching Pagodes!

Kathryn Ray said...

Wow. It looks like an amazingly fun and productive trip.

This show is waaay bigger than any I've been to so far.

I'm not laughing at your snow. ;-) I hear the bay area may be getting some. (or already did??) They were talking about it on the morning news in Minneapolis yesterday.

Dutch Hollow Acres said...

I'm looking for a good button now. Actually more of a broach, I wish there was something like Sitches going on in our area.

Spinster Beth said...

Oh, a purple spinning wheel ... be still my heart!

Thanks for the pictures! Makes me yearn for MD Sheep and Wool.

Anonymous said...

Viv - I am so envious you have had the chance to attend all of those Stitches events! Every year something pops up that blocks me from going. My bday is June 20th so being a first time baby, I was in on the pool Baby Ravelry would be a little late.

Sue said...

It looks like a great way to spend time. I especially love the buttons you chose. I have a thing about buttons.

Carol said...

What are you going to make with the Kauni? I bought a skein to make the Brady Scarf.

Vivian said...

Carol, I was thinking I'd pair it with a solid color and make outer wear. I have another ball in the stash too. For now they are all marinating.