Thursday, February 03, 2011

Rascal's Army of Lawyers

Rascal is a sweet little dog and he needs humans to stick up for him. We are constantly hearing conversations like this:

Mom: "Oh no, Rascal had an accident!"
Dad: "Darn, I should have taken him out sooner."

Henry:"Rascal stole my shoe."
Mom:"You should put them away in the closet."

Rascal whines in the car. After much consideration, Henry drew the conclusion that for the little pup car rides meant his family surrendering him to strangers, of course he's not pleased with it.

Apparently this doesn't stop in our house. The other day I posted this video in the Chihuahua group on Ravelry. More than one person agreed that Rascal was framed, someone put the shoe in his bed. True story was I was sitting at the table and the Rascal stole the shoe. I should have kept the shoe on my foot, I know.


Sue said...

I think you picked the perfect name for him. I once had a bird named Vandal for much the same reason.

knittinwolf said...

Such a sweet innocent face! Happy Chinese New Year and DOT!:)

AllyB said...

What a cutie Rascal is! I scrolled down and saw Bucky and got a little tear on my eye. What a special dog he was. Your little Rascal looks like a keeper, full of love and mischief. Thanks for visiting my blog today.