Friday, October 14, 2011

New Project: St. Brigid

Project: St. Brigid 
Pattern: St. Brigid by Alice Starmore, from Aran Knitting
Yarn: Scottish wool
Yardage:  1000g, about 2000 yards
Needles: Size 6
Cast on: September 27, 2011

Notes: I have been a Starmore fan since whenever, and I have wanted to knit St. Brigid since whenever. I have knitted a few Aran sweaters over the years, but I always see her designs as the ultimate goal I should try to accomplish. And let me tell you, now that I have knitted a few repeats on this design, it's really not that difficult.

The yarn came to me from Harris, Western Isles, Scotland. A few years ago I was on Knitswap (a Yahoo group) a lot, scoping out good deals. A lady from Scotland asked if anyone would like to swap with her, something that she could not find in Scotland. I had a small stash of Chinese cashmere that my aunt sent me so I traded that for Scottish wool. Quite a trade, isn't it? Something soft and smooth for something strong and hardy. The yarn is so perfect for the Starmore design, so perfect for the twist and turns and knots and crosses, it's telling a story as it runs through my fingers. I love touching the cables as my work completes itself, feeling it's roughness, and hearing the tales from a far away place.

The stitch markers are little pugs that I got in my first and last swap in the pug group on Ravelry. Bucky was so deeply ingrained in my life for over 15 years, now I cherish every bit of pugness in my life.

Rascal says Hi!
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WonderWhyGal said...

aaah, you know I'm going to say it -- I LOVE THOSE CABLES! Beautiful knitting. I always enjoy your projects. Your stitch markers are adorable too. Don't let AllyB see them...she may be flying out to get them for herself ;-)

Happy Yarn Day!

AllyB said...

Oh my! Those cables are magnificent! I love your story and I can see Bucky in my minds eye when you talk about him. Rascal is adorable, as always. In the vein of Scottish yarn, have you read a book called "Casting Off"? I'll post a link to the book on FB. It's a very lovely story about Aran knitting.

Dutch Hollow said...

Wow those cables are beautiful.

Hi Rascal!

Carlin said...

The cabling looks absolutely great! I've only done more simple patterns and still generally end up with at least a few goofed up cables (wrong one crosses over etc.) I look forward to seeing the completed sweater!

Spinster Beth said...

Super! Those are some fabulous cables ... I too am a fan of the cable :-). I love the yarn.

Voie de Vie said...

I checked out that Starmore pattern - it is a wonderful sweater! And I love the color of that yarn - very Scottish to me. :)

Knit cables are one of my favorite design elements and I agree with you - once you get the pattern and set up your stitch markers, it's not difficult at all.

Kathryn Ray said...

Wow! So many amazing cables!! I love it and the story of the yarns... Chinese Cashmere for Scottish Wool. Perfect!

I love Rascal's pic. :-)

Lynn said...

Hi Rascal!!!!

Heather Woollove said...

Vivian--I just love this post!
Cables are awesome...then there's the 'pugness', and the wonderful Scottish yarn, and your poetic prose! Love it, love it! XXO-