Thursday, May 24, 2012

Progressing, Mending

Not much going on around here in the knitting front. Plaited Poncho is marching along, the rows are much longer and the cables more complicated. I think I have two or three cable rows left, but depend on how much yarn I have left and how long the poncho is, I might add another set of cables. I messed up a cable row somewhere in the middle. I'm too lazy to rip back, will have to find some way to disguise it as "design feature".

Many knitters don't like seaming, for me, it's the mending. I have a few things sitting in the corner of my closet, and I try not to look at them, which makes them stare back harder.

First, the very pretty lavender Heather pullover (aka Bust Enhancer). There were two glass charms came with the kit, and I managed to lose one of them in the last wearing. I bought replacements, and they have all been sitter there waiting for "when I have time".

And then there is this cute cabled baby sweater, that I'm sure I made for SOMEONE. Apparently the baby has been fine without it, because I never bothered to sew on buttons.

Mending commercial knitwear is even more trying. This is a beautiful purple cashmere sweater, and I managed to put two holes in it. To mend it, I have to take the sweater out to some place like Michael's, find the perfectly matching purple embroidery thread. Come home, find the tiny needles I don't usually use, find a good time during the day so as I can see the tiny thread, and sew the silly holes together stitch by stitch. I'm sure I'll be happy when I get the sweater back, but I don't look forward to the process.

Now, what's your relationship with mending?
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WonderWhyGal said...

argh! I don't like mending either. I've hidden my pile so well, I don't know where it is anymore ;-)

Your poncho is looking great!

Mlissabeth said...

I don't like mending any more than you, but the finished project motivates me.

Voie de Vie said...

Mending schmending. Can you unravel the sweater and recycle the yarn? :)

Those cables are looking good, even with the enhanced design features (which I can't see in the photo).

Vivian said...

VdV, I haven't thought about unraveling the sweater. It's very fine machine knit cashmere with a turtle neck, wouldn't be easy, but not impossible.

Spinster Beth said...

I don't mind mending tiny holes ... but it isn't my favorite chore.

Kathryn Ray said...

I'm not a fan of mending either... I have a pile that goes for a while. Eventually Hubba will snag a few pieces for rags.

Carol said...

Do you think it is moths that got to your sweater? They are attracted to some sweaters more than others, I can tell you from my own experience. Oh well, put it all away and have a nice weekend!

Vivian said...

Carol, I didn't think about moth. The holes are very neatly stacked together, so I thought it must be a snag. I better check the other sweaters.

Pumpkin said...

I also share your dislike of mending, there is almost nothing more heartbreaking than a handknitted sock with holes in it. I love how the poncho is looking, don't beat yourself up over the mistake, it looks fantastic to me!

Hanni said...

Your cable pattern is looking so gorgeous!
The mending... I have never done, I always unravel, but it works just by the smaller projects.
p.s. found your blog via WIP on WOnder why alpaca farm.

AllyB said...

Oh, I totally avoid mending. I'd rather make something completely new than fix something with a hole in it. Otherwise I just wear it with the hole, LOL Not sure why but that's just me. I love those cables!