Thursday, August 23, 2012

Catching up on FO

Before the Olympics I sneaked in couple of small projects, one was the baby sweater, the other was this doll sized shawl.

Project:  Samantha's Cape
Pattern Doll cape pattern from Cast on Magazine Holiday 1997, heavily altered
Yarn:  Paton's Classic Wool from stash 
Yardage less than 100 yards
Needles: Size 8
Cast onJuly 24 2012

Cast off: July 26 2012
Cost: practically nothing
Finished size: American Girl doll size
Notes: I've knitted a few things for my two American Girl dolls, and they always take longer than I expected!

We took a trip to Carmel to visit my mom when Henry was off for the summer and didn't have camp, and picked up her latest batch of charity knitting. She's moving to Houston to stay with my brother in January, so this will be one of the last batches from her. If you know someone running charity knitting in Houston area I'm sure we can use a contact, ideally it needs to be someone speaks either Russian or Chinese (Mandarin).

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Cathy said...

Cute little shawl for the doll! ... your mum's been really busy, love her creations.

Lynn said...

You're mother does amazing work!!!

Nichole said...

Cute doll shawl... and that's some fabulous charity knitting!

AllyB said...

Whoa, your Mom is a knitting rock star! It's great what she's doing. Give that little Rascal some scratches and sniffs from all of us here at Chez B. That's a really nice shawl and your doll looks like the Chatty Kathy I had as a young girl. I wish I still had her to knit for.

Voie de Vie said...

Your mom is very productive in the FO department. And she speaks Russian and Mandarin? Yikes a moley!

Is it ok that she'll be moving away?

Jeanny House said...

The doll shawl reminds me of those days when I used to make Barbie clothes. At least American Girls aren't quite so tiny!

Your mother's output is incredibly impressive! What a gift to so many people those items will be.

Vivian said...

VdV, this entry I wrote a long time ago explains how my mom was Russian: She learned Chinese when she was a teen and I speak to her in Chinese.

Her move will be a change for sure. Where she lives now is heavenly. I've never been to Houston, but I expect her new home will be a bit more earthy. She doesn't like warm (75+) weather, and she doesn't get along with my sister-in-law.

Ally, get yourself a doll! I never had a nice doll when I was growing up. My two American Girl dolls are both acquired after I got married. My husband gifted me Samantha, and I found Kirstin in the flea market. I also have Barbie and Ken from the flea market, and I found/made clothes for them too.

Pumpkin said...

Your mom is a super knitter just like you! Wherever those amazing knits go, they are sure to be loved! That doll shawl looks like it was a fun quick project and a good way to use up scrap yarn if you have it.

Kathryn Ray said...

Your mom is always so prolific.

Your family history is quite interesting as well.

I hope things go well for your mom in Houston.

stitchin' girl said...

I love the doll shawl!! My daughter would love something like that for her American Girl Doll-maybe I need to get to work!

Your mom is amazing!! So many wonderful things that people are surely going to cherish.