Thursday, August 02, 2012

Olympics Knitting: England Spoke 英国自行车

Project:  England Spoke 英国自行车
Pattern Spoke by Lori Versaci, Knitty Winter 2009
Yarn:  Tahki Yarns Ambrosia Slim, 100% wool, Aran weight 
Yardage 1100 yards in stash
Needles: Size 8
Cast onJuly 29 2012

Notes: I planned to do Elizabeth of York from Tudor Roses in honor of the host country of this year's Olympics. It took me two days to realize I wasn't going to get through it. The alpaca yarn was too weak for the pattern, and it's sheddy and splitty. The pattern is finicky with purl stitches passing right and left. I had the Ambrosia Slim in my queue for the next project, so naturally it stepped in. The yarn has very long color stretches so an unconventional structure would look very interesting. I started on the back first, then realized it'd be much easier to judge where I should start the armhole shaping if I have the front to match, so in the picture there is the back half done, and right front (the "spoke") coming into shape. After losing two days, I'm catching up and hoping to finish it in time.

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WonderWhyGal said...

I love this yarn! That color will be stunning in a sweater. I hope you have a great catch up weekend to put you back on track.

AllyB said...

That's exactly the color I had in mind when I saw your post on FB last night! Your sweater is definitely going to be more beautiful that the model sweater. Enjoy your knit! Scratches to Rascal.

Cathy said...

Shame about your other project, but I LOVE the colours of this yarn, it's going to look amazing. Can't wait!!

Heather Woollove said...

These snafus are discouraging, but we persist! Grin.

Nichole said...

LOVE the color... LOVE!!! Can't wait to see the progress on this

Spinster Beth said...

Very pretty color ... looking forward to this one!

Pumpkin said...

I'm so glad that you were able to find a suitable replacement project, I think that it is well worth it. Looking great so far. I'm also really excited to say that I could read those Chinese characters in the title! Such a beautiful and complex language.

Voie de Vie said...

OhMyBob - that colorway is fantastic! I can't wait to see this finished. I do love this pattern. Squee!

Kim Sonksen said...

The yarn looks beautiful and I LOVE how the sweater looks so far.
And I am also loving Henry's story. So well and fun written. You must be so proud of him!