Thursday, November 15, 2012

Starfish Shawl Finale

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Two sections on top

Three sections on top

Project:  Starfish Shawl 海星
Pattern:  Starfish Shawl by Norah Gaughan, published in Knitting Nature
Yarn:  West Valley Alpacas Classic DK yarn
Yardage:  2472 yards in stash, used less than 1500 yards
Needles: Size 7
Cast on: September 4, 2012
Cast off: November 1, 2012
Cost: About $35
Previous entries: Cast on, twisted, progress, more progress, yet more progress, almost done 
Notes: My friend Jocelyn, let me "borrow" her gorgeous ballerina daughter to model my shawl, so I can properly show you how the shawl looks. With the five sections, the arm slits divides them into two sections together and three sections together. When you have the two sections on top, most of the weight is on the bottom and the top part is more like a shawl collar. With three sections on top, there is enough fabric to make a hood, and the body is much less weighty. I'm a bit surprised it took me only two months to knit the entire shawl, because in the beginning it felt like an eternity to cast on 730 stitches!

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WonderWhyGal said...

Vivian, that is Amazing! I love how the starfish "legs" rest so you can have a hood or simply wrap yourself up in it. I bet that yarn is just heavenly all around you.

AllyB said...

Whoa, that's so pretty Vivian. The ballerina model was a nice touch. I believe I like the 3 sections on the bottom version the most. After binding off 636 sts on this blanket I think I'd rather cast on a lot of stitches than bind them off. It's way easier on the hands. Great job! What's next?

Voie de Vie said...

That really turned out well!!!!! I cannot believe you got through that massive project in only 2 months. Wear it proudly.

Babajeza said...

It turned out beautiful!

Spinster Beth said...

Wow ... I couldn't have pictured that in my head! Amazing!

Chrisknits said...

Beautiful! Such a versatile design.

Pumpkin said...

Wow, two months! That is amazing! I had a vague idea of how it would look, but it looks even more wonderful than I imagined it would. I'm looking forward to seeing what you have planned next!

Jeanny House said...

Like the other commenters, I'm very impressed! What a huge and very cool undertaking. Congratulations on powering through and finishing it so quickly.

Cathy said...

Wow! That's amazing, I love it that you get different effect from the same piece. Great job! ... I tried to comment via FB yesterday but it didn't work...

Heather Woollove said... I get it-how very versatile!! Thanks for the 'visual'...I just wasn't 'seeing' this one from the other photo! XXO-

Kathryn Ray said...


Andria said...

Wow that is amazing! I can't believe you knit it so fast, well done!