Thursday, February 07, 2013

New Project: Indigo 靛青

Project: Indigo for Green Planet
Pattern: Indigo by Mishellee Zaharis
Yarn: Rosy Green Wool, Cheeky Merino Joy, Sport Weight
Yardage: 700 yards
Needles: Size 7 & 8
Cast on: January 27, 2013
Notes: This is a store sample for Green Planet Yarn because the store will start carrying this new yarn. The yarn is super soft, like butta! 

The Rosy Green Wool yarns are certified organic according to GOTS, the Global Organic Textile Standard. On their website, they describe their practice: "all chemicals and substances used during the production must not pollute the environment, in particular heavy metals and chlorine have to be avoided for dyeing, bleaching, and for making the wool machine washable". 

I don't really understand what's involved in the dyeing, bleaching, and making the wool superwash process, and how they do it their way to avoid polluting the environment. So I asked the question on Ravelry, someone from the company replied and said: "We buy our wool tops from a GOTS certified supplier who has a invited a new superwash process but as it is not patented yet he won’t tell us to much about it other than that it is chlorine free. As all GOTS producers he also has to account for all steps to his certifier and has to comply with all the requirements of the standard." That doesn't help, does it? 

Any wise fiber people want to chime in?

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Cathy said...

What a rich indigo, wish I could touch it. Hmm don't know enough about the process of yarn to make any judgement, maybe someone could enlighten me...

WonderWhyGal said...

I still don't understand Superwash. I'm not a fan of it because it just doesn't feel as nice to knit as the natural fibers but...I also want to use it because I love to wear my garments. Oh, a double edged sword. Looking forward to seeing if anyone else has a good explaination.

Heather Woollove said...

Lovely color, Vivian! I'm looking forward to seeing how this one progresses (and who it's intended for!!). XO-

Kathryn Ray said...

Very interesting.

I'm curious about the Superwash process, but have not done any research... I also wonder if it works with other fibers.

I suppose they've explained enough and have a non-disclosure agreement with GOTS to achieve the certification... at least until the patent is complete.

The color is great