Thursday, June 27, 2013

GIVEAWAY And Book Review

photo credit Denise Voie de Vie
I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoy Denise's photography. Denise, who blogs at Voie de Vie, is an accomplished knitting and crochet designer, painter, and photographer. I have the honor of being one of the reviewers of her latest eBook, Fleurs et L'eau - Printemps/Ete 2013 (Flowers and Water, Spring/Summer 2013). Besides patterns and beautifully modeled samples, there are pictures of vibrant flowers, peaceful water, historical building, and deep canal, at the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks/Carl S.English, Jr. Botanical Garden in Seattle.

Now the patterns:

1. One if by Hook Cardi: This crochet cropped cardigan would look so cute on a young lady or someone with the right build -- thin in the middle and without overly large chest or hips. It's a good representation of wearable fashionable crochet. The stitch pattern offers good texture and the overlap neckline design is a sweet touch. With a cotton worsted weight yarn this is a quick project for the summer.

2. Two if by Sticks Cardi: a knitted version of the cropped cardigan. The navy blue trims illustrate the Seattle, Pacific northwest spirit. At 4 stitches per inch, this is a very quick knit, so pick up the sticks and make it for the summer!

Denise's patterns come with very nice schematics, but as a die hard chart knitter, stitch pattern charts would be ever more helpful.

3. Anyone for a Stroll? Bag: crochet small tote bag with bamboo handles. I love small tote bags, they are so easy to use when you are dashing from one place to the next, and have to constantly find or put away wallet, change purse, glasses, sunglasses, phone, car key, house key, pen, camera, hair clip, shopping list, credit card, business card, chapstick, hand lotion, carry-around knitting project, etc. This little bag is a quick project in thick and thin yarn or other bulky yarn. Close it with a big button, or not. There are instructions for Bottom Stabilizer, Lining, and Attaching Handles.

4. Le Bateau Shawl: le bateau means the boat, and this crochet crescent shaped shawl is so named because it looks like the bottom of the boat from the side ways. But so much prettier!! The body of the shawl is worked in one piece and then top and bottom edgings are picked up. With 75 inches wingspan, this is a pretty good sized go-everywhere shawl.

5. Constellation Bracelet and Earrings: crochet with beads, so simple and so elegant. There are plastic rings inside to hold the shape.

6. Climbing Vines Cowl: crochet in rich texture, another go-everywhere, suitable for all occasion summer must-have accessory. The body is worked flat and edging is added after seaming, so in theory you can easily change the pattern into a scarf or stole.


Denise's eBook is available on Ravelry for $14.99. I have ONE copy to giveaway to a blog reader (eBook will be sent to you from Denise through Ravelry). To qualify, leave a comment on this entry:

1. Your favorite pattern in this eBook
2. Ask me a question, about this blog, knitting, dogs, me
3. Let me know how to get in touch with you if we are not connected already

One entry per person. Entry ends Thursday July 4th noon PST. In next week's blog post I will announce the winner and answer your questions.

There are so many words in this entry, time to take a look at this face again.

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Cathy said...

I love all the patterns in this collection but my favourite will have to be the Climbing Vines Cowl. Question for you: what's your favourite yarn to knit with? (breed of sheep, fibre, etc.)

Mlissabeth said...

I like all of the patterns, but the One if by Hooks calls out to me. How long have you been knitting?

Sheila said...

I love Le Bateau shawl. My question for you: who is that adorable little black dog? (Just found your blog, so perhaps I should look thru old posts...)

SheilaOKeefe on Rav

Spinster Beth said...

Puppy's ears are so expressive! He looks like someone is eating something, and he's thinking that he wants a bite too!

AllyB said...

I love seeing pics of your pups. Denise' s designs are so much fun. I really like the Climbing Vines. Do you think your Mom's ready for some yarn?