Thursday, July 06, 2006

Hair, Long and Short of it

I was born bald, and it took the first few months of my life to grow a thin layer of baby hair. When I was eight months old, my parents sent me to a new nanny, who believed that baby hair had to be shaved off so the "real" hair could come in. So at the end of the day when my dad went to pick me up, wala! no more baby hair! he cried at the sight of my bald head. I had long hair since I can remember, it's one of the only things my parents agreed on, might be the only thing. Sometimes it's as short as shoulder length, or as long as waist length. This picture was taken last year when we went to Legoland, the hair had been about this length for almost all my adulthood. I've also had gray hair since whenever, well, probably late teens. In the more recent years I've had it colored, since, according to a hair stylist, I have a young face and why let the gray hair age me. Earlier this year, I finally got fed up with all the chemicals, and decided to take the plunge and stop the coloring. To minimize the two tone effect while my own color grows out, I planned to have my hair cut short, in stages. First cut resulted in my profile picture. We cut about seven or eight inches off, made it a long bob.About six weeks later, the second cut took off another three or four inches in the back, into a stylish short bob. The stylist really hesitated with the front, so it ended up sort of an A line. Final cut! Another few inches off, and all is left is my own color! I'm still not used to seeing this person in the mirror, may never will. After the cut the stylist congratulated me for taking it through. He's seen other women trying to quit coloring, only end up dreading the cut and going back to coloring, one even cried in the chair after the hair cut. Well, I'm just glad it's all over and now just need to grow my hair out again. Please send me the hair growing vibes! I miss the weight on my back!

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Lesley said...

What happened Vivian? Tired of hair-color-maintenance?
I've had my hair very short. Feels very wierd when you take a shower, wash your hair, and it feels....empty? Know what I mean?