Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Playful Bucky

This is the pug dog that only a few months ago I thought we were seeing the end of him. Now he's running around playing with his toys again. On Thanksgiving 2005, Bucky seemed completely lethargic, with his back crouching and refused to eat. Pugs live for food, so when Bucky doesn't eat it must be a big deal. Later X-ray showed that he had two discs in the neck pushing together. The vet tried different painkillers at different dosage. Finally baby aspirins worked. In the mean time we stopped walking him, other than a circle around the ranch once in a while so he could see the neighborhood, and we've been carrying him up and down the stairs. So nice to see my baby alert and playful. We'll still carry him around of course, he got his parents well trained.

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