Friday, January 26, 2007

Another Tag -- Six strange things about me

You know, when it rains, it pours :-) Just as I finally got around to do the 10 things for Lesley, before I was done I got tagged by Monica to do six strange things about me. I'm happy to oblige.

1. I can wiggle my ears. It's said that this is quite uncommon since the muscles that control the ear wiggling are not active in most people. (by the way, Monica, my son is eight and his blog link is the second on the right -- Otter World. There isn't much going on there since he doesn't write a whole lot yet, but if he knows there is an audience I'm sure he'll be much more motivated to update more often.)

2. Given the opportunity, I can be completely addicted to romance novels, and I always cry buckets at the sad part of the story (there is always at least one).

3. I read old newspaper and magazines. The oldest paper in my current stack is from September, and I have New Yorkers from the late 90s that are still waiting in queue to be read one day.

4. I have close to 9,000 unread emails in one of my accounts, down from over 12,000. I will eventually go through all of them and delete most.

5. I'm completely anal about things going to the right place, especially in my kitchen. Just last night I was brewing over my inlaws putting dishes in the wrong places. I should be glad that they spend time with Henry and even wash dishes for me, but it bugs me to no end to find lids on the wrong pot and soup spoons stacked with tea spoons.

6. I can only talk about my work in English but if I need to memorize numbers they are in Chinese.


Monica said...

Thank you for sharing! I have had so much fun reading other folks' list of oddities! I am beginning to feel like I know each person on my "blog roll" a lot better!

Tell Henry we will be dropping by his blog!

(Oh...and Darcy is eleven, but she has an eight year old little brother whom she greatly enjoys watching super-hero cartoons and cowboy movies with!)


Anonymous said...

Oh...just realized I was using my "non Dumplings, Three" blogger identity (if you must know, my DIET BLOG identity which is NOT a blog that I want associated with my other blogs! I wanted somewhere to be accountable about my weight and excercizing that would not be listed on my profile with my blogs that are public.) Anyway, all of that simply to explain why I showed up in blue as "monica" above, rather than my usual "dublin" (my original profile name).


Lesley said...

9000+ emails? Doesn't email implode at a certain point?