Friday, January 26, 2007

Ten things I say to my kids all the time

Are you getting ready for school? The signature of our morning routine, or morning battle. What on earth can you do to get a kid moving in the morning without losing it? Henry gets up very early, mind you, he reads for at least half an hour before getting out of bed, then wonders around, plays, hugs the dogs, then starts changing only when I nag him. I'd find him fooling around downstairs five minutes before leaving, still hasn't packed his lunch, nor eaten breakfast, nor collected jacket and shoes. Does it look like I'm busy? Say it when Henry bugs me to do something I don't think is very important, such as helping him locate something in the garage while I'm cooking dinner. Occasionally he'd catch me saying that when I play on the computer, but let's hope he doesn't read this. Right, Henry? The correct answer is, Yes Mother, You are absolutely right. In a small family like ours, sometimes we have two against one, and more often than not I'm the One and I'd use my motherly authority to recruit Henry to my side. Works especially well when Henry can't make up his mind which side he should be on, and Bill is too much a gentleman to argue with me. Mommy's not home. Another thing to say when Henry bugs me. Eat you dinner! Anything that doesn't look and taste like mac & cheese requires this sentence repeated at least ten times during the meal. Try a bite, it's not going to kill you. See above. Applies to any meat product (except for chicken nuggets and hot dog) and vegetable (except for green beans and carrots). Go ahead and do it. Henry is a very cautious person. He has to be absolutely sure about what's going on and what's expected of him before taking actions. He requires constant encouragement and patience of a saint from his mentors. Give me a reason why .... He has to convince me if he wants something, good practice for his logical and verbal skills. What's your dad doing? They know they are both in trouble. (This last one is for the dogs since they are my kids too) Take care of the house, take care of each other, be nice to Kat (or Grandpa and Grandma, depending on who's going to pick up Henry later in the day), have a good nap, see you guys later ... It's a big ramble I say to the dogs when I leave the house in the morning, as I'm usually the last to leave and have to close the door in front of the little black noses. The guys think I'm nuts, but I feel better having the last chat with the pups before seeing them again in ten hours.

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Diane said...

These are funny. We all have endless taped conversations that play every day or in certain situations. It's in our "mom contract" to be able to endlessly nag.