Friday, January 05, 2007

New Year, New Worry

I'm not good at making new year's resolutions, largely because I can't seem to keep them. A few weeks down the road I look back and know I haven't done anything that I made up my mind to do on January 1st -- be it walking every day, spend less money, get more work done -- it just makes me feel like a big failure. Not exactly the best thing to do to oneself. Henry has been complaining about double vision. Given the history of the eye problems in my family, I'm very concerned of course. He's been reading a lot in the past year, sometimes getting up very early in the morning and read in the dark for an hour before we beg him to get ready for school. I made an appointment for him to see my eye doctor in couple of weeks. In the mean time we'll just stick with Mad-eye Moody jokes and pretend Henry has a magic eye as well. He doesn't seem to have a "weaker eye" like mine, so that's a blessing.


cindy said...

:( When I found out that Jade needed glasses I was surprisingly sad. Now, I wouldn't know her without her glasses. From what the eye doctor tells me, eye problems can frequently pop up in kids after a big growth spurt - either the eyes grow too fast, or the body or something. However, it could be genetics (as is the case of Jade and probably Max before too long.)

Diane said...

We moms are always worried about something Vivian .... it's part of our mom job. I'm sure the doctor will figure it out and get Henry back on track.

Let's change it to New Year, New Crafting!

Lesley said...

Glasses are a good thing.
Makes you look smarter!

Not that you or Henry aren't smart- 'cause you both are. With glasses, you get the added bonus of people making automatic assumptions of intelligence. Know what I mean?

Larissa said...

I hope Henry's problems turn out to be minor and easily treatable.

I do not make new years resolutions for the same reason as you. I never stick to them and then feel bad.

Just got to do what we can!