Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tea Time

My mom had a friend of hers gather a bunch of tea (per my request)

The very small packets on the top part of the picture are one serving teas, vacuum packed to preserve freshness. The rest is regular bulk leaf teas, some I could recognize as green tea, some sliver top (white tea from the mountains in Yun Nan province), some generic flower tea (jasmine), most I have no idea at all. My kitchen was filled with the wonderful fragrance of tea leaves.

In this picture below, the one in the upper right is jasmine, you can see the little white specks among the tea leaves, which are dried flower petals. The bag in the lower left has silver top tea.

A tea pot to go with it all. This is a Yi Xing purple clay pot, from Yi Xing county in An Hui province. Over the years of usage, the clay would retain the flavor from the tea, and the surface of the tea pot would become smooth and polished from daily handling. The color of the clay will hide the tea stain, so all you need to do is to toss out the tea leaves and rinse the pot, no scrubbing. They age gracefully.

Last but not least, a rose from my garden. I love roses, so when we moved into this house my beloved had this rose bush planted right outside of our dining room window and I can see it from the kitchen. He knows I won't go out of my ways to visit the rose in the backyard.


Sarah said...

Oh, Vivian, that tea looks wonderful. It's making me very thirsty.

Are we ever going to see you?

Lesley said...

You know Vivian-- at first glance, those bags don't look like tea.

How about a "tea tasting" party?

zelda said...

LOL, Lesley. I thought I'd stumbled across a completely different blog for a second. Reminded me of a few weeks ago when my friend brought me a baggie of fresh oregano from her garden and I held it up as she walked away and said, "Thanks for the herbs!"


Sonya said...

I love roses too. I will have to post a few pics of mine.
I am also tagging you with 7 Things. Come on over and take a look. Thanks for playing.

Karin said...

Hi Vivian, I just saw the tea post! How wonderful. I discovered tea (I mean I have always liked it, but I had to quit drinking coffee last year) and am very lucky to have a good tea shop nearby. And I drink hot tea all year round, also....I am sticking mostly to green teas because I have to watch the caffeine, and I like Lung Ching (did I spell it correctly?)
And the other thing, I love roses too; fell in love with them 23 years ago when I saw the rose garden in Golden Gate park in San Francisco. A few years ago we bought this house from a woman who had put 19 rose bushes in...anyway, I should go. Very long letter. But I lost your email...:(