Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tagged: 7 Random Things about me

1. I drink hot tea all year round

2. I make my family sit down and have a home cooked dinner at least 4 nights a week. Last night I made a chili concoction for my husband, with broth from stewed beef on Sunday night, black beans, also from Sunday night, local organic carrots that I bought at the Farmer's Market on Sunday, one shredded whole grain tortilla, and a little Safeway salsa. He ate the whole pot.

3. I have been watching a lot of ripped videos on YouTube. Better watch them now before they are taken down for all the copyright law suits.

4. I knit with the yarn held in my right hand, on the index finger, and I don't "throw". The only other person knits this way is my mom, who taught me to knit (and still claims I can't hold the yarn the right way). She learned to knit in a Russian orphanage.

5. Some of places I want to live in: Santa Cruz/Aptos, Pacific Grove, British Columbia, Da Lian or Tsing Tao in China. Interesting, all these places are on the Pacific coast, just different sides. I've been to all of them except for BC.

6. My latest love in skin care is Origin's Modern Friction, a rice starch based scrub, very creamy and gentle, yet effective.

7. This blog keeps getting hits from Google searches. Mostly for Good Husband's Guide -- number 5 on a Google search; sometimes also for "wig" or "short hair". sigh .... I'll count them as my random things since I wrote them.

I'll tag:

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Romi said...

ok, 'tis done! :)

Arlene said...

Well, gee, Vivian. Thanks so much for tagging me..... Now I'll have to go update my blog.... :-)

Diane said...

I make my family sit down at the table and eat a home cooked dinner almost every night of the week. I think it's a great time to "touch base" about how everyone's day has gone. My oldest daughter is married with a family of her own and they sit for dinner too. Nice tradition.

Sarah said...

Well, one thing about homeschooling is the 24/7 nature of interactions ... making the dinner time a lot less of a touching-base opportunity ... our bases are kind of piled up all over each other as a general rule.

I've never been to China, but I've been to all your other places, even British Columbia. I love it. It's always been my dream to live there when I'm old. Which I guess is actually now. Shoot!

Vivian said...

I did the dinner thing during the three years when I was staying home with Henry. Maybe it's more about the food :-) At that time I was with the kid 24x7 except for a few hours on Saturdays when I worked at the yarn shop. I wanted my family to have this routine at the end of the day, when all three of us can sit down together with no outside interuptions -- phone calls, TV, computer, etc. though I do play music sometimes. This is the time our family is a unit. We all have relationships on the individual basis, Henry with me, with his dad, with his grandparents, my relationship with my work, with my husband, my friends, etc.; but at our dinner time it's all about the three of us. It's when we pull together as a family. Appreciation for my cooking is always nice too.

Karin said...

Hi Vivian,
thank you so much for leaving such a nice comment on my blog today.
I see we have even more in common. Our family sits down for dinner together evrey night too, or really most every night. To a homecooked meal. We have 2 kids.
And, I hope you continue to write poetry. Please do not say "only in Chinese".
I don't speak german enough anymore, and I miss it at times, not to be able to just gab with someone in my mother tongue.
I look forward to many more exchanges.

Sue said...

I updated my blog with 7 random things but forgot to tag anyone else. Oh well! Even though my 2 kids are grown and my daughter lives 2 hours away, I make dinner for my husband, son, and myself almost every night. And now that it's nice out, we eat on the patio.