Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bonsai Tunic Back Done

Previous mention is here

A closer look of the lace pattern

This is the yarn I'm using. The actual color is closer to hunter green, looks much lighter than that in the picture (on my screen any way).


Sarah said...

Beautiful knitting, Vivian. Nice yarn, too.

Cindy said...

Ohhhh - that is really really pretty... That is going to make a gorgeous sweater/tunic.

Romi said...

That's gorgeous! Can't wait to see it on you. :)

Lynn said...

OOOH this is NICE!!!

Jessica said...

Hello Vivian,
I enjoyed reading your blog, and this tunic looks lovely! I can't wait to see the final product. I thought you might want to know about the opening of Annie and Company Knitting, NYC largest knitting store (with mail order too!). Upstairs from Annie and Company Knitting is the already well established Annie & Company Needlepoint. I have posted the press release as an FYI….




Pollster Mark Penn reveals in his just released Microtrends
“ the purchase of fashion yarn increased 56 percent” and that this “contains powerful clues to what’s happening in society.”

September 27, 2007, New York, NY---Annie & Company Needlepoint, New York City’s premiere needlepoint boutique located at 1325 Madison Avenue between 93rd and 94th, today expands and opens New York City’s largest knitting store, Annie & Company Knitting.

Called “a knitter’s wonderland” (New York Woman), the opening comes at a time when pollster Mark Penn’s newly released book Microtrends reveals “ Between 2004 and 2005, the purchase of fashion yarn increased 56 percent” and “The fastest growing group of knitters are teens and twentysomethings.” He explains, “Both are discernible microtrends in America and they contain powerful clues to what’s happening in society.”

Founded in 2002 by Annie Goodman, Annie & Co. is a well-established destination in the needlepoint community (both male and female) with clientele from all over the world as well as noteworthy customers including Anna Quindlen, Joanne Woodward and Phoebe Cates.

Goodman opened Annie & Co. Knitting conveniently below the needlepoint boutique not only because of a growing demand from devoted clientele, but because of her dream of having knitting and needlepoint under one roof, which until now, had not existed in New York. Goodman also wanted to replicate the needlepoint store atmosphere as a spot where customers could both shop and stitch in a friendly environment, which is precisely what she attributes the success of Annie & Co. Needlepoint to. “It’s a stitch and stay, not a shop and leave,” said Goodman.

With a vast array of the very latest patterns, threads, tools and knitted samples (also available online at, Annie & Co. Knitting features an interactive class table in addition to low armed club chairs (for the ease of knitting) throughout the store. Goodman has also employed a knowledgeable staff including Heather Dixon, author of Not Your Mama’s Knitting and Marlene Edelstein, who has taught knitting for more than 15 years.

Annie and Co. Knitting will feature classes, knitting clubs and special events (posted online) including exquisite trunk shows (a pre-opening 25th Anniversary Vogue Knitting show), industry book signings (Teva Durham and Nikki Epstein) in addition to classes for adults and children of all levels such as Beginning Knitting, Finishing with Nancy and Kids After School. Private and semi-private lessons are available by appointment. A fixture in the neighborhood, Annie & Co has been known to host Stitch Along’s, Sip and Stitch and even a Shiva Stitch, for a customer (and friend) who died last year.

Annie & Co Needlepoint has been featured in the New York Times, Thursday Style Section, The New York Times Sunday Style Section as well as Time Out NY, New York Woman, Gotham, Fox News and Channel 7 ABC News. Events and more information can be found at

Vivian said...

Note to Jessica, I will not delete your comment since it does relate to knitting. But you must know it is rude behavior to leave such a lengthy inpersonal comment broadcasting your yarn shop. Your just lost a customer. Take care.

Sonya said...

I agree that is in very bad taste.

I cannot believe that someone would leave that type of comment.
Bad Jessica.

Anonymous said...

To Ladies, I want to offer my apologies to each of you for a recent addition to your blog from Jessica in my office. In error, she was wanting to get the word out about the Annie & Company Knitting opening and didn't realize the true nature of a blog. We do PR for the store and I wasn't aware that this had been done. Again I apologize for this, which has certainly been a learning experience, and don't want to take up any more space and time from the beauty of what you have in your community.
Regretfully Yours,
Faye Rogaski

barbara said...

So - now that the unwarranted advertising is out of the way - where is the rest of the sweater?

Vivian said...

Barbara, Thanks for stopping by. Here completed sweater is here: