Thursday, April 10, 2008

Kids on Thursday

Testing my new camera the other night, got these cool shots of my children.

(Bucky: drop it, drop it, he's going to drop it.)

(Trinket: Can I play with your ball? no wait, it's my ball!)

(Trinket: but I don't want it on my head!)

(Bucky: Get Henry!)
(Trinket: .... kids ..... )

Last year I thought this was bad:

Now we see this -- it's a hole big enough for the big toe to poke out. It took only two weeks.


Sonya said...

They play well together.

Jennifer said...

LOL I love the way Bucky and Trinket are tag-teaming Boy. In the first pic you can see that Bucky is off in the corner planning his strategy. Those are some big holes in those pants, but we have quite a few pairs like that here too. The shoe, though, that's an accomplishment. You can tell that took some skill.

Diane said...

I swear that all boy have some special power that causes clothing to fall apart just by looking at it.

Cindy said...

Congrats to Henry! You can tell he is part of the pups pack by the way they play together. Nice shots. Sorry about your neck.

dogquilter said...

Don't you just wish every boy had his own dog? Cute pics!!

zelda said...

Henry! How the heck does he do that? Does he do it riding his bike or a scooter?

Lynn said...

Baby Girl broke a pair of sandals in abt the same time period. Either the kids are hard on shoes or the shoes just aren't made to stand up to kids.