Sunday, April 20, 2008

Teresa Teng Biography

My entry from last year about Teresa Teng's biography has received many hits from Google searches. Some of the them from the US and some from the other side of the ocean, Taiwan, China, Japan, Singapore, etc. I assume many of the readers are Chinese so I'm going to present this post in both English and Chinese.

This is the book I borrowed from our local library, 邓丽君全传. The subtitle is 邓丽君逝世十周年典藏纪念版. I have seen this book displayed in some of the clips on YouTube. It must be one of the official biographies.

Book was published by 香港明报, (地址,电话如下)。Click on the picture to see a bigger version.

Forward by 邓长禧(邓丽君的五弟).

A copy of the book is available for sale here.

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Sarah said...

Are there any biographies in English?