Wednesday, October 22, 2008

(Almost) Seven Musical Facts

Monica, who blogs at Dumplings, Three, tagged me to write 7 random or weired facts about me. Monica is married to a bluegrass musician (see her extensive comment in my previous entry) and they adopted three beautiful Chinese children. Since this tag is stemmed from our association with music, I will try to gather a few music related facts:

1. When Bill plays music at night I have to either eat or write. I can't read or knit. I'll blame it on him if I have to buy bigger pants.
2. My dad is also an amateur musician. He played liuqin (Chinese string instrument similar to mandolin), violin and piano.
3. My dad tried to teach me liuqin when I was about six years old. We failed miserably and both swore never try again. We both kept our promises.
4. I meditate to Hayley Westenra, Andrea Bocelli or Dean Martin's singing.
5. I'm almost always moving my fingers in some manner -- typing, clicking the mouse, knitting, cooking, driving, writing notes, or stuffing my face.
6. I play Chinese songs on Youtube when I cook dinner.
7. I was told that learning music would help with math, so my math was equally bad. In high school I scored 29 out of 100 in a mid term test.

So, that's almost 7 facts about me and music. I won't tag the regulars, pick it up if you like!


Anonymous said...

Wow! You are FAST responding to a tag!!!

I'm still trying to figure out why you can WRITE with Bill playing music in the background, but not read...or knit! (the eating I can understand!!!) (0:

Hmmm...can I blame, Bill, too, the next time I have to buy a larger size?! (0:

Music didn't help my husband's math, either! (And Math did not help my musical abilities!) I wonder why they insist the two are so do hear it quite often...

Vivian said...

Let me see ... I can concentrate much better when I'm writing, especially hand-writing. Also eating and writing take place in the dining room, away from the music. If I read I have to eat, so I count that as eat. Knitting would put me in the living room with him cause that's where the TV is and I usually knit while watching TV.

Anonymous said...

Makes sense is more an issue of geographic LOCATION!