Friday, October 03, 2008

Six Quirky Boring, Unspectacular Facts about Me

Karin at Knitting & tagged me for the six things in the title. I got more than this list of quirky things, but they might be too spectacular for this forum:

1. I charge whatever I can on credit cards to earn points and rebates.
2. I have pen, paper and calculator in every room of the house.
3. My day job is working with numbers but I consider myself mainly a "word" person.
4. I'm madly in love with bunnies. One of the ladies at work brings her bunnies to the office on Fridays and lets me cuddle them. I'm working on getting my own fiber bunny.
5. I have a hard time talking to Chinese people in English.
6. I can write with both hands and my left-hand-writing looks like a different person.

I'll make the tagging easier -- leave me a comment and let me know if any of these fits what you think as "quirky"; then write six facts about yourself (on your own blog of course), without all the conditions.


zelda said...

2, 4, 5, and 6 fit my idea of quirky.


JennaRN2008 said...

You are ANYTHING but boring and unspectacular :-)

Anonymous said...

You sound incredibly ORGANIZED! Wish I had that kind of quirkiness (my husband probably wishes I had that kind of quirkiness, too!)!

And what is a fiber bunny?...a particular breed of rabbit that you can shave and use it's fur for knitting?...or am I totally off base?...just guessing wildly here!
(my sister-in-law has llamas that she spins her own wool from, then dyes it and crochets lots of things using the llama yarn.)

Vivian said...

For fiber bunnies, I'm mostly thinking about English or French Angora bunnies. They have very long hair and you can just pluck them right off and spin it into yarn.

Wish I can have llamas too, and of course sheep, sheep dog, a few ducklings in the pond, Chinese gazebo with painted beams, pugs running around woofing ...